2020 International Conference on Advanced Control, Automation and Robotics (ICACAR 2020) will be held in Nagoya Convention HallNagoya, Japan on May 25-27, 2020.

In recent years, we have seen exciting new researches and developments on advanced Control, Automation and Robotics. The computer and control technologies, intelligent control, robotics and automation, are transforming many aspects of our industry, government, health-care, and society. Machines are becoming smarter thanks to computer and control algorithms enabled by intelligent control and artificial intelligence. These new developments have revolutionized industrial manufacturing, transportation, and health and societal care. Together, advanced control, automation and robotics. are making our life so much more convenient and enjoyable.

The International Conference on Advanced Control, Automation and Robotics (ICACAR 2020) aims to bring together researchers, engineers, scientists and industry professionals in the areas related to advanced control, automation and robotics in a single platform and to present their stimulating research and knowledge transfer ideas in both advanced control, automation and robotics. Leading researchers and industry experts from around the globe will present the latest studies through oral or poster presentations. ICACAR 2020 welcomes new research in the areas of advanced control, automation and robotics, such as intelligent control systems and optimization, robotics and automation, signal processing, sensors, systems modelling and control, industrial engineering, production and management, artificial intelligence. However, we also recognize that the future for advanced control, automation and robotics scientists and engineers is one where they will be working in interdisciplinary teams to solve new, complex and evolving problems that will require innovative solutions. Therefore, we encourage participation of other disciplines in this conference where multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer projects are presented. 


On behalf of organizing committee

Prof. Dr. Juntao Fei (Chair)

Hohai University, China 


Only original papers will be considered, it means that the manuscripts must not be previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere. must not be under review by any other conference or publication during the review cycle. 

Submission Methods

1. Authors are invited to submit abstract/ full paper using the On-line Submission System,  please refer to the detailed guideline for online submission 2. system.

3. You can submit your manuscript through our conference email icacar@iased.org as well, it will be processed much faster.

4. The authors' name, affiliation and other personal information don't have to be covered, when you submit your manuscript, we will cover or remove them before reviewing processes. 

After submission, your mailbox will receive our confirmation letter within 3 working days, if no any response due time, please check your spam folder or send us email icacar@iased.org, this email will answer all problems about submission as well.

For detailed paper format information, please down here: Paper Template and Abstract Template

The sketchy processes follow   


All submitted papers will go through a double-blind reviewing process by at least two reviewers drawn from the chairs of committees, also if you don't want to publish any paper, you are welcome to join us as a presenter, listener, etc.



Juntao Fei


    Victor M. Preciado    


    Juan  Rodríguez    


Abdulrahman A.A.Emhemed  


  Eduardo Escobedo  


    Emese Kardoss  



M. Reza Shadnam




Seppo Sirkemaa


Oleksandr Tsymbal 




 Sandro de Serpa 

Oral Presentation Guidline

15 mins(including 2-3 mins Q&A)

People vary in their ability to speak confidently in public, but everyone gets nervous and everyone can learn how to improve their presentation skills by applying a few simple techniques.

The main points to pay attention to in delivery are the quality of your voice, your rapport with the audience, use of notes and use of visual aids. Voice quality involves attention to volume, speed and fluency, clarity and pronunciation. The quality of your voice in a presentation will improve dramatically if you are able to practise beforehand in a room similar to the one you will be presenting in. 

Rapport with the audience involves attention to eye contact, sensitivity to how the audience is responding to your talk and what you look like from the point of view of the audience. These can be improved by practising in front of one or two friends or video-taping your rehearsal.

Poster Presentation Guildline

Poster Size: A0

Posters are a key component of communicating your science and an important element in a successful scientific career. Posters, while delivering the same high-quality science, offer a different medium from either oral presentations or published papers, and should be treated accordingly. Posters should be considered a snapshot of your work intended to engage colleagues in a dialog about the work, or, if you are not present, to be a summary that will encourage the reader to want to learn more. 

The poster is usually a mixture of a brief text mixed with tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats. At a conference, the researcher stands by the poster display while other participants can come and view the presentation and interact with the author.

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Virtual(Online) Conference

The health and safety of our participants is always our first concern, the global spread of pandemic Covid-19 is affecting everyone, so ICACAR committee have been monitoring the official travel advises related to Covid-19 closely, and taking some necessary measures to against the constantly situations. After evaluating the current worldwide situations, ICACAR Committee is force to change the physically conference into Virtual (online)conference. The conference date and paper publication will remain same, and conference timeline will be subject to Tokyo time. The specific schedule and other information will be updated as soon as possible. 

Conference Agenda: to be updating...

Software: to be updating..

Online participation guideline:  to be updating..

If any special requests for your presentation or participation, please feel free to email us icacar@iased.org 

Key Dates

         Abstract Proposals are due by                                  25 Feb., 2020   

     Full Paper must be received by                                    25 March, 2020

      Final Notification will be sent before                          25 April, 2020

       Final Registration for all presenters is before             5 May, 2020

      Final Paper must be received by                                 5 May, 2020

          Main Conference will be held on                                  25-27, May, 2020